ETHNIC XHOSA jewellery

from the Eastern Cape in South Africa


from the Eastern Cape
in South Africa


INGQOSHA offers a selection of unique beaded necklaces, hand-made by Xhosa women from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Each broad collar – ingqosha – is a contemporary piece of jewellery reflecting Xhosa culture. The beautiful neck adornments feature traditional as well as more innovative modern interpretations of Xhosa colours and designs.

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Traditional Xhosa Necklace Colours



Modern Xhosa Necklace Designs

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The Ingqosha Creative Team

“The Dutch have a saying that translates literally as 'strange eyes compel', meaning that it sometimes takes a fresh pair of eyes to put things into perspective.” - Paul Scheffer. Over the past two years since he dismounted his bicycle to prolong his...

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What’s in a name?

Our company name is Ingqosha and you may well wonder just where the name came from. When we first started exploring the beautiful Xhosa broad collar necklaces we asked each crafter and anyone familiar with Xhosa culture we came in contact with what the Xhosa word is...

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