ETHNIC XHOSA jewellery

from the Eastern Cape in South Africa


from the Eastern Cape
in South Africa


INGQOSHA offers a selection of unique beaded necklaces, hand-made by Xhosa women from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Each broad collar – ingqosha – is a contemporary piece of jewellery reflecting Xhosa culture. The beautiful neck adornments feature traditional as well as more innovative modern interpretations of Xhosa colours and designs.

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Traditional Xhosa Necklace Colours



Modern Xhosa Necklace Designs

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Hamba kahle Thenjiwe

We are in shock as we have just heard that Thenjiwe Kawe, one of the artisans we collaborated with, has passed away. The news is as yet still unreal, how many times did we sit and discuss her unique gift and ponder what would happen if there were more opportunities...

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Every name tells a story

In Xhosa culture there is more to naming a baby than merely choosing a name to identify the child. Every name tells a story and that plays a role in defining the child – just like our company name, Ingqosha.

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Who’s that girl?

When we were dreaming up our website cover page we wanted an image that would convey the sense of dignity one experiences when wearing a beautifully handcrafted ingqosha. I already had a concept in mind and the one person I could picture carrying this idea off was …

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